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WildRoots® Products

WildRoots® gives you the energy you need to get out there and experience living at its best. Our premium products are full of tasty (and real) whole grains, nuts, and berries without all the artificial ingredients, fillers and preservatives found in other products.
Trail Mixes
Trail Mixes 7 Products
Each handful is packed with a variety of unique combinations that will keep you energized all day.
Cereals 2 Products
Start your day off the right way with one of our delicious and hearty breakfast cereals!
Dried Fruit

Dried Fruit 1 Product
WildRoots® dried fruits are a perfect addition to any day.
Grains & Seeds

Grains & Seeds 4 Products
Even a snacker has to have a real meal! These wholesome, all premium grains and seeds are delicious ideas for either side dishes or as the main course.
And More...

And More... 2 Products
Made from premium ingredients that are utterly delicious, these WildRoots® products are great!